Thursday, April 13, 2017

A Brief Hiatus...Food Poisoning Re-Cooperation

Hi everyone.
I wanted to stop by 
and apologize
for lack of crafty postings this week.

On Monday evening, after preparing dinner for my
husband & myself, a few short hours later
we both became violently ill.

Apparently either our just purchased ground beef or refried beans, were bad. Tasted fine. 
But apparently one or the other was bad.

We suffered from food poisoning.
Today has been the first day we really have felt better.
Still on a diet of bland food, popsicles & Gatorade,
but should be in the clear by tomorrow evening.

Stop back again soon, I will be sharing links
to The Robin's Nest, were Saturday, 
I will be sharing my latest design team project.
It's an easy one, with delightful results.
Hope you will "tune" in.

Until then.....
Crafty Blessings!

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