Saturday, November 18, 2017

An Angel Inspired Mixed Media Canvas How To

Hello there,
welcome to INSPIRE.
Today I want to share with you 
a peak at my latest design team
project for The Robin's Nest.

This project was inspired
by a  BEAUTIFUL cardstock,
as well as one of my favorite
Christmas songs ever
"Gabriel's Message" by Sting.

Want to see the full project?
Follow this link, to the
Chattering Robin's blog:

Don't forget to visit 
The Robin's Nest online store
for your paper crafting supplies.

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Until next time.....Happy Crafting!

Thursday, November 16, 2017

On The Craft Table Are Many Signs Of The Christmas Season

Hello there!
Welcome to INSPIRE.
Today, just a brief post to share.

How many of us,
are still in the midst of getting Christmas
crafting done?

After all, hasn't most of our 
crafty shopping places
had Christmas decorations
and Christmas crafting 
items on full display 
for months?

Well, I blame those sources,
for my lagging behind
a wee bit.
How can a seasoned crafter decide?

Nevertheless, I have spent this
week on finishing 
a Christmas card order,
and I have finally decided on a few
holiday projects I am in the midst
of crafting.

As you can see by the photo...
lots of of ideas ready to make.
I will share photo's, as I complete
the projects, so stay tuned.

Thanks for stopping by!
Until next time.......Happy Christmas Crafting!

Sunday, November 12, 2017

A ScraPerfect Blog Exclusive How To With The Best Glue Ever

Hello there!
Welcome to INSPIRE!

I wanted to stop by today, to share with you my latest ScraPerfect Design Team project
using innovative products
from ScraPerfect, including the 
Best Glue Ever.

For details on how I made these adorable holiday cards, head on over to the ScraPerfect blog,
using this link:

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Until the next time.......Happy Crafting!

Friday, November 10, 2017

One Huge Positive Change For The Better, In This Crafty Gal's Life

Hello thank you for stopping by today.
I wanted to share something,
that isn't at all a crafty project, 
but rather to inspire others that may be living
with a lifelong chronic illness.

In the crafting community, I have met
so many crafty ladies, that suffer 
from a broad array of illness,
fibro, heart & lung issues, blood pressure, cholesterol, thyroid, diabetes sadly some with cancerous conditions.

Twenty two years ago, on our second wedding anniversary, I was admitted into the hospital, on the very brink of a Diabetic coma, and at deaths bed.
Type 1 Diabetes the diagnosis.
And it had been slowly destroying my body
for over a month.

All I knew of this illness at the time, was that my maternal grandmother, passed away at the age of 65, and when I was barely 6 months old.
As I lay there listening to the diagnosis and level of treatment, I thought I am going to die young too.

For years, I was treated by the diagnosing endocrinologist, not completely understanding the full brunt of my care, and his suggestions, would belittle me, and tear me down.

So ultimately, now what I understand because of
another major health issue he failed to look at and diagnose, he resorted to calling me morbidly obese, and putting me on an insulin pump.

This felt like a curse, an iron ball and chain.
Ultimately changing my life, and robbing me of any freedom.

After our moving away for a short time and returning, my husband was blessed with employment with one of the most prestigious healthcare networks, phenomenal insurance, and miracle working doctor's.

In 4 years time, my thyroid condition has been aggressively treated, and I am now in a healthy range. My cholesterol, blood pressure & blood sugar, in such great levels, than they have ever been before.

The blood sugar so well, that for the last week, I have gone without the pump, and put on the once daily long acting insulin Tresiba, along with fast acting insulin to correct high blood sugar, and for meals when needed.

When needed. Something I rarely heard
in the 22 years of dealing with this illness.

So this week, I have been a little slow at getting crafty, focusing on getting this new treatment right, and so far, I am doing very well.

I just wanted to share this "morsel", with anyone dealing with a chronic, treatable illness,
never give up hope. 

With all the new innovations in medicine & treatments, and doctor's and specialists that truly know what they are doing, and have a compassionate heart for their patients,
you too may someday find what you have been looking for.

Thank you for visiting.
Until next time
be encouraged in faith & hope.
And never give up.
God Bless You & Keep You.

*phrased photo's are not my own they were found on Pinterest.


Saturday, November 4, 2017

Today Over On The Chattering Robin's Blog A Jeweled Canvas How To

Hi there!
Welcome to INSPIRE!

Well it is the first Saturday of a new month, 
and that means today over at the Chattering Robin's blog, 
I am sharing my new DT project
using exclusive products from The Robin's Nest.

Here is a peak....

Want to see more?
Follow the link featured below
for all the details.

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Until next time.....Happy Crafting!

Friday, November 3, 2017

Today Over On The ScraPerfect Blog: Best Glue Ever Project How To

Hello there!
Welcome to INSPIRE!

Stopping in to day to share the link to  
the ScraPerfect blog,
where today I am sharing my latest
design team project,
using the Best Glue Ever & Perfect Crafting Pouch.

Want a peek?

To see more follow the ScraPerfect link below this post
for all the details.

Thanks for stopping by!

Until next time.....Happy Crafting!

Michelle Wells

Saturday, October 21, 2017

How To Make Boo-tiful Halloween Nesting Boxes

Hello there

Stopping by today to share the link to may 
latest DT project for
The Robin's Nest.
A cute Halloween decor project that
can be used two ways.

For full details follow the link 
below the photo above.

While there, check out the many galleries featuring projects using the EXCLUSIVE products
from The Robin's Nest.

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Below you find links to all four.
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with The Robin's Nest.

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Happy Crafting!

Friday, October 13, 2017

It's All About Birthday Cakes & Cupcakes: My Creative Life

Hello there, 
welcome to INSPIRE.

It has been a crazy, busy
couple of weeks for this ol' gal.

Two nieces, had birthdays
two weeks in a row, and they both
requested that their Aunt "Chelle"
make the cakes and cupcakes for both.

What a ride that was, lol.
The following are photos of the finished goodies.

The first, a Paris themed cake & cupcakes.

The second, a Beauty & The Beast inspired
cake and cupcakes.

That is 2 cakes, and 48 cupcakes,
one week apart. Now I know why I do not care for cake.
But for my nieces, I would do it all again.

And even in this midst of this, 
I managed to get my design team project for 
The Robin's Nest finished.
For full details, follow the link below the photo.

The link to The Robin's Nest online store:

AND I even made a personal project,
a 4x4 deep canvas collage heart
(inspired by the art of Kelly Rae Roberts).

It has been a whirlwind of a couple of weeks,
I am now ready for some calm and creative time.

Have a blessed remainder of the week.

Until next time.......Happy Crafting!

Thursday, October 12, 2017

A Fun Mini Canvas With Heart & The Best Glue Ever

Hello, welcome to INSPIRE!
I am so glad you stopped by today.

I wanted to share the link to my latest 
design team project for 

A mini burlap canvas, 
with an up-cycled blue jean heart.

This project took around an hour to complete,

and makes for perfect mini art to sit on a shelf or desk,

While visiting the ScraPerfect blog,
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with projects, events & new products, should they be added.

For the Best Glue Ever, follow the following link
to the ScraPerfect online store.

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Until next time.......Happy Crafting!

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Today Is A Double Feature Tutorial Day At The ScraPerfect Blog

Hello there crafty friends!
Welcome to INSPIRE.

Today I want to share with you the blog link 
to ScraPerfect, where today
there is double featured posts.

First DT Kim shares a quick tag
project tutorial, featuring a variety
of ScraPerfect products. 
You will LOVE it!

The second post, I share
a tutorial on how to use
the Best Cleaner Ever,
to clean crafty tools & implements.

For full details, just follow the links to each post above or the link below for the ScraPerfect blog homepage.

Thanks so much for stopping by!
Until next time......Happy Crafting!

Sunday, October 1, 2017

What Lies Within Us Is A Gift Of Power & Strength

Hello there!
Welcome to INSPIRE,
a blog full of crafty inspiration
and sometimes a bit more.

It is a beautiful fall day here 
in the Ohio valley, what 
a blessing it truly is.

Today I want to share with you
my newest 6x6 inspiration canvas,
and the story behind it.

The other day, I found myself so inspired
after chatting a bit with a
beautiful spirit of a friend
that I had never met face to face.

She has had really hard times in 
her life, and yet the joy and grace
of God, shines through her so brightly.
She is the inspiration behind this canvas.

The scripture & watercolor cross image is from 
Prima's Creating In Faith line of products
(a beautiful gift from a cherished friend).

The scripture is from the book of Psalm,46:5-
"God is within her, she will not fail".

Through all the many trials of her life, she has prevailed.
She is such an inspiration to me,
even though sometimes she feels the weight
of these storms of life,
the light within her ALWAYS shines brightly.

I hope you like this canvas inspired
by a such a beautiful Christian lady.

Thank you for stopping by,
and please visit again soon.

To you all, have a blessed Sunday! 

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

A Beautiful Ornate Miniature Sword And Floral Canvas How To

Hello there,
Welcome to INSPIRE.

The other day, while going through some things,
I had found an envelope opener 
that I had forgotten we had.
The best thing about it?
It is a mini sword design. Seeing as we
have obviously not missed using it,
well you know I just had to get crafty with it.

Naturally, this is a perfect focal point for a canvas,
and I just happened to have 
the perfect size canvas, a 4x12 thick canvas in my stash.

I first used black gesso on the canvas & sword.

Once dried, I applied Finnabair Art Extravagance 
Patina Effect Paste to give an overall aged look to the sword. I also applied it to a mini resin ornate frame, that I later centered a bee embellishment to nestle inside the frame once glued to the sword shaft.

For the canvas, I wanted to focus on metallics,
and used the Brass Patina Effect Paste, very lightly
to the entire canvas first, then added elements of metallic sprays.

Once the sword patina had dried, I used E6000,
to adhere the sword to the canvas. I also used a stencil and the Patina Effect Pastes to add texture to the canvas.

The finishing elements included flowers, metallic thread, and Finnabair Melange, finished with black gesso & the Brass Patina Effect Paste.

I am absolutely thrilled with the finished result.

*Most of the products I used making this project can be found at your local Michael's store.  

So, if you have a storing place that needs gone through, you might just be surprised at what you may find, and can also create something beautiful too.

Until next time..... 

Monday, September 25, 2017

Art Journal Design Made Easy With The Best Glue Ever

Good Morning!
The weather is absolutely 
gorgeous here in the
Ohio valley this morning.

I wanted to share the link, 
to my latest dt project for 

This project was inspired by nature,
and the fall beauty
where I live.

For full details of this project
visit the ScraPerfect blog at 
this link.

To purchase the Best Glue Ever,
Transfer Foils or ANY
of the innovative ScraPerfect products,
follow this link.

Thanks for stopping in!
Have a BEAUTIFUL day!

Michelle Wells 

Sunday, September 24, 2017

A New Creative Venture: Embrace The Possibility

Hello there,
thank you for visiting
A blog for sharing creativity.

This past week was the pits for me, a"flu bug"
hit me hardcore, keeping me down from
anything remotely resembling my life.

Today, I feel like myself again,
got back to creating, 
and I wanted to share my newest 
venture with you.
 An inspiration canvas
inspired by the AMAZING artwork
of Kelly Rae Roberts.

 I began with a 6x6 pre-gessoed canvas.
I sort of dry brushed acrylic paint in a 
Tiffany Blue like shade, not going for full coverage.

Once dried, I lightly sketched 
the shape of my "person".
I then used white gesso, and a flesh tone
acrylic paint for the neck & face.

For the body, I cut from of my favorite
double sided patterned paper, for a top & collar.
I also used the same paper to make hearts.

Of course every gal likes a crown, so I fussy cut 
roses from images I had printed out to create a floral one. I also added a paper doily and a cute little bird to sit on her shoulder.

To finish, I used mini alphabet stamps from my stash,
and added the phrase "Embrace Possibility" to her top.

It felt AMAZING to feel good today, and to feel inspired.
time to head back to my crafty space!

Until next time......Happy Crafting!