Saturday, April 21, 2018

How To Create A Simple Layered Card In Just 15 Minutes

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Are you looking for an easy
way to create a layered card for any occasion?
Even Earth Day?

Then head on over to the Chattering Robin's blog
and see how I put together a "nature" inspired
card, in just 15 minutes
using EXCLUSIVE products
from The Robin's Nest.

Just follow this link for full details:

And for the products I used in this project,
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Friday, April 20, 2018

How To Beat The Sick Fur Baby Blues

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It has been a week or so since my last post.
Sadly, one of my fur babies had 
fallen ill and stopped eating.
So this mama has been giving 
round the clock care & attention 
to my boy.

Two vet visits in, and all we know is he
is severely & dangerously anemic.
And have zero idea of the cause.

He is now on steroids & iron supplements, 
and is starting to show great improvement, and eating everything we give him.

Our boy Emmett today.

So during his napping moments, I got 
out my sketch pad, and learned
some new techniques in drawing.

I loved this one so much, it has
turned into a canvas, and has been submitted
as a creative crew project with Canvas Corp Brands.

I thought I would share the "sketch" process with you, as well as the early stages of transferring this 
"artsy girl" over to canvas.

For the completed canvas, stay tuned,
as it is posted with Canvas Corp Brands, I will share it with you too.

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Saturday, April 7, 2018

How To Add Dazzle To A Tote

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I wanted to share the link to my latest  
design team project for 
The Robin's Nest.

I created a colorful, dazzling design using an array of shapes, sizes & colors of Dew Drops
found in The Robin's Nest store.

To see the full project, follow this link:

To purchase Dew Drops & other exclusive products 
from The Robin's Nest, visit:

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Thursday, March 29, 2018

A Little Shabby Chic Treasure For Pretty Spring Decor

Hello welcome

Each week, among my design team projects
that I am working on, there lies a pile or two
of "intended" personal projects, just waiting to
be created.

With Sunday being Easter, and with much of the NorthEastern portion of the USA (including my little corner of Ohio) having been stuck with winter conditions far longer than wanted, I wanted to do something with "life".

Enter the paper mache' egg.

This idea struck while combing the aisles
of my local Hobby Lobby & Michael stores, in
search of a "fresh" idea.

So with one 50% off Easter sale at one store, and a great deal of various Easter eggs at another, the idea came to life.

For this project I used:
Gel Medium
Printed Tissue Paper
Heavy White Gesso
Metallic Wax & Paint
Lace Trim
Moss Ribbon
Miniature Flower Bunch
Mini Stones
Prill Sprays
Butterfly Embellishment
Wooden Candle Stick Holder
2.5" Paper Mache' Egg

Tools used:
Craft Knife
Beading Awl
Sanding Block

I began by using my craft knife, to cut out a small portion from the top of the egg.

I then used gesso, and covered the entire egg and candle holder, and let dry thoroughly.

With the tissue paper, I ripped out areas that featured a beautiful floral print, and then applied with gel medium to the surface of the egg.

Using the sanding block, I roughed up the surface of the candle just a bit. to give a weathered look. I then followed by applying and rubbing a pewter colored wax, randomly over the surface of the candle holder.
To finish I used a metallic pink paint, lightly applied with my finger, also randomly over the surface.

Once the tissue paper had set, I used the moss ribbon as a filler to the inside of the egg, secured by glue. 

With the beading awl, made a hole within the moss, and then added the floral spray, with glue to the inside center of the egg.

I pulled a few "tendrils" of the moss the exposed edges of the egg hole, and added a pinch of mini stones around the base of the floral spray with glue.

Final embellishment to the floral, was a small clay Butterly, added to the base of the floral spray.

Using a 3 inch section of some scrap lace trim, I glued it to the top of the candle holder.

To finish, I used some vintage pink ribbon, made into a double bow, centered with a small pearl embellishment to finish.

And what a little lovely to sit on a desk or shelf, to remind me of the beauty that is just around the corner with the awakening of Spring.

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