Friday, December 2, 2016

Festive Snowman

Hello everyone!
Welcome to INSPIRE.
Today I wanted to share my latest
creative endeavor,
my very first modeling clay figurine,
a festive snowman.
This has been a couple of weeks in the making,
but so worth the finished results.
I began this project with a
styrofoam ball as the body bass.
I then created the "head" with wading
a couple pieces of newspaper into a ball shape, then secured the ball with duct tape.
For the legs, I used two wine corks,
with heavy wire inserted, just slightly leaving 
 over a 1/4 inch long, to insert into the
styrofoam body for added support.
I formed the arms with the same heavy wire, wrapped in newspaper & duct tape, leaving wire to insert into the body, and added wire to the base of the head as well.
To completely secure all joints, I used
permanent epoxy glue.
Once the glue had set, I covered the entire snowman with texture paste, to give a snow like texture.
Followed by 2 coats of white gesso, and sprinkled with glitter while wet, as to set glitter as it dried.
For finishing touches, I used black seed beads to form the mouth, added the clay "carrot" nose I created with clay and painted, and used
The Robin's Nest Dew Drops
in black, for the eyes
(The link to The Robin's Nest
online store is below)
gave him rosy cheeks, and some snowy goodies to hold.
The snowman's stand is a candle tin
covered by fabric tape, and embellished with a metallic jeweled snowflake.
I made his hat out of felt, and added glitter glue in baby blue, to give a frosty look to the top edges.
Velvet ribbon around his neck & the trim on the hat, completes his look.
I couldn't be more thrilled with the finished project.
I hope you enjoy it too!
Thanks so much for stopping by!
Visit again soon.
Crafty Blessings!
*The Robin's Nest*