Saturday, May 14, 2016

Better Than A Box Of Fresh Donuts

A couple of years ago, if anyone would have asked me what my most favorite thing was that came in a box, I probably would have answered with "Fresh Glazed Donuts".

My how a year has made such a difference. Presently  I am 35 pounds lighter than I was last year at this same time.

And now my new "box of happiness".......Crafty Flowers!

Whether they are paper, fabric, or lace, creating flowers makes me happy. With all of these design inspirations flowing, plans are falling into place for a great future of endeavors for me.

And let's face it, calorie free boxes of happiness, is so much healthier than those filled with donuts, lol.

The following is what I had been working on this week, for a very sweet & special crafty gal I know.

In a variety of shades of Pink, Ivory & White, some are pearlized with paint, some are shimmering with a hint of glitter, the rest, touched gently with alcohol ink, to give a vintage, sort of shabby feel.
I have found by far, the most impressive paint, at our local Hobby Lobby. How I had missed these all of these anyone's guess.
Presently I only have their "Pearl" variety, but guarantee, the rest of the line is on my radar for future purchase. These paints can be used on just about any medium, canvas, wood, paper, even metal!
The paint is super concentrated, so a very minimal amount goes a very long way.
These delightful miniature flowers I actually finger painted on hues of champagne, white & pink.
With the finishing touch of custom creating a shabby inspired box, I would have to say that this was a creative success.

As added bonus, I created a smaller shabby box, filled with heavy paper stock embossed butterflies.
Finishing this entire goody parcel with a spool of vintage satin/lace ribbon, adding yet one more "shabbified" item by covering the spool with shabby printed paper, and a filigree butterfly & shabby rose.
I hope you that today you find yourself feeling inspired!
Thank You for stopping by!
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