Thursday, February 15, 2018

Live A Life Inspired: What I Have Discovered About Me

Hello there!
Welcome to INSPIRE.

What a rocky start to 2018.
So much illness running rampant,
and running through our entire family,
including our house.

Truly leaving me feeling un-inspired,
and living on the couch for 3 or so weeks.
With the exception of some minor sinus issues,
I am starting to feel so much better
and ready to create again.

Which brings me to todays project,
and the inspiration behind it.
One of my beautiful nieces.

This loving precious creature,
drifted into our lives at
a most difficult time in my own.

Having just gone through
a radical hysterectomy, without
the possibility of ever having children
my life felt dark, and hopeless.

Just 3 days after surgery, she was born.
While recovering at home, my brother & his wife
made our home the first stop upon bringing this beautiful baby home.

And the first time I held her,
and she looked up at me, looking into her
eyes I knew my life was going to be fine,
all because this precious miracle.

Twelve years later, she has grown
into such a loving, kind & joyful young lady,
in spite of a difficult upbringing (or lack there of).
Ever still being a miracle in my life.

So this canvas, is inspired by her, and her 2 "besties", one of them also being another niece of mine.

These beautiful girls find joy & fun in all they do  and are so inspiring to so many.

I created this project using a 9x12 canvas, layered lightly with clear gesso as the base. I used a variety of gelato's, texture paste, stencils and artist pens to create the background & illustrations of the figures for this canvas.

I also used Canvas Corp Brands Tattered Angels Simply Jane Baseboard in Ivory, to create a splatter effect over the canvas.
You can purchase this and many other FABULOUS Tattered Angels products through the following link.

Thank you for stopping by,
I hope this project leaves you 
feeling inspired today!

Please visit again soon!

Until next time
Creative Wishes To You!

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