Friday, November 10, 2017

One Huge Positive Change For The Better, In This Crafty Gal's Life

Hello thank you for stopping by today.
I wanted to share something,
that isn't at all a crafty project, 
but rather to inspire others that may be living
with a lifelong chronic illness.

In the crafting community, I have met
so many crafty ladies, that suffer 
from a broad array of illness,
fibro, heart & lung issues, blood pressure, cholesterol, thyroid, diabetes sadly some with cancerous conditions.

Twenty two years ago, on our second wedding anniversary, I was admitted into the hospital, on the very brink of a Diabetic coma, and at deaths bed.
Type 1 Diabetes the diagnosis.
And it had been slowly destroying my body
for over a month.

All I knew of this illness at the time, was that my maternal grandmother, passed away at the age of 65, and when I was barely 6 months old.
As I lay there listening to the diagnosis and level of treatment, I thought I am going to die young too.

For years, I was treated by the diagnosing endocrinologist, not completely understanding the full brunt of my care, and his suggestions, would belittle me, and tear me down.

So ultimately, now what I understand because of
another major health issue he failed to look at and diagnose, he resorted to calling me morbidly obese, and putting me on an insulin pump.

This felt like a curse, an iron ball and chain.
Ultimately changing my life, and robbing me of any freedom.

After our moving away for a short time and returning, my husband was blessed with employment with one of the most prestigious healthcare networks, phenomenal insurance, and miracle working doctor's.

In 4 years time, my thyroid condition has been aggressively treated, and I am now in a healthy range. My cholesterol, blood pressure & blood sugar, in such great levels, than they have ever been before.

The blood sugar so well, that for the last week, I have gone without the pump, and put on the once daily long acting insulin Tresiba, along with fast acting insulin to correct high blood sugar, and for meals when needed.

When needed. Something I rarely heard
in the 22 years of dealing with this illness.

So this week, I have been a little slow at getting crafty, focusing on getting this new treatment right, and so far, I am doing very well.

I just wanted to share this "morsel", with anyone dealing with a chronic, treatable illness,
never give up hope. 

With all the new innovations in medicine & treatments, and doctor's and specialists that truly know what they are doing, and have a compassionate heart for their patients,
you too may someday find what you have been looking for.

Thank you for visiting.
Until next time
be encouraged in faith & hope.
And never give up.
God Bless You & Keep You.

*phrased photo's are not my own they were found on Pinterest.


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