Sunday, March 26, 2017

How To Turn Envelopes Into A Romantic Inspired Album

Hello Everyone!

Wow, nothing like letting life
take control.
In my last post, I had intended 
to share a project I had recently created, 
but did not get it posted
as I intended.

So finally here it is.....
A Romantic Envelope Album

I had watched a video by the uber talented
Marta Lapkowska
on how to create journals
with just about anything , 
and in any style.
One, just happened to be 
created with envelopes.

So I put several sizes of these
envelope journals together
and chose to use one as a romantic album.

For the cover, I used a cereal box.

In creating the pages, I left some of the envelope 
openings in tact, using them to tuck away tags, with charm dangles that coordinated with the page.

I added handmade embellishments,
including flowers & cabochon topped paper clips 
throughout the album, I also added tags & tag sleeves,
and used seam binding for the closure.

Front Cover Details

Back Cover Details

This was a gift made for someone 
that is very special to me, 
so a lot of my heart was in the details.

Really a fairly easy project to create, and did I mention I had never created ANY journal or album like this before?

Hope you enjoy.

Stay tuned, as I have finally learned
the basics of my webcam, and I am planning to do
a video, step by step, on how to create 
an album/journal with envelopes.

Until next time,
Crafty Blessings!