Monday, April 11, 2016


Here we are, already the 4th month of 2016, and it seem as though the first 3 months went by in a blur. And yet I can account for every single moments spent.
I had proclaimed 2016 as the year of "CHANGE" in my personal life. And boy have there been changes. Some changes being in the physical capacity, some in a more spiritual capacity, and letting go of a number of other things, that just ceased being enjoyable, often leaving me feeling wounded, and at times, slighted in a manner of speaking.

But there was one moment, that I can say was the most precious moment in my life, being by my baby brother's side, as he and his fiancé, welcomed into this world, their first baby, Amanda Susan. Never being able to have children of my own, being invited to share that very moment as she made her first cry, oh my heart felt the truest form of wonderful love. And I have been spending as much time as I can with this bundle of joy!

This weekend, I did return to my Creative Wonderland, after being away much to long. I had these paper mache' monogram for over 3 months, for two of my other nieces, and finally finished them this weekend.
My gigantic creative mess.  Just a few of the supplies & products I used in creating the monograms. I actually used a variety of my own handmade flowers on this project as well.
Viola! The finished project.
Cherry & Delightful
perfect for two sisters bedroom.
I hope you like my newest project. 
 May it INSPIRE you. 
Thank you for stopping by!
Please visit again soon.