Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Grief for Paris & The Tummy Bug Blues

 I like millions of others, was shocked and grieved with the terrorism unleashed on the "city of love and light".  And, the President of France, and law and military enforcement, have been swift and diligent in their actions to find and eradicate the terrorists responsible for the horrible carnage.

Here in the US, there is a HUGE cloud of doubt looming on whether or not, our president and law and military enforcement, will be as prepared and swift, if it were to happen here. With a commander in chief that I have very little to o confidence in, odds do not look so good.

My thoughts, and continued prayers go up for those who lost loved ones in this senseless tragedy.  Pray for Paris........

 There has been a nasty bug going around in these parts, and I have been hit with it 3 times. The only crafting  I have done, is more paper rolled rose table top tree's (prior to the bug's most recent visit).  Now, back to making my Christmas Cards.

Be blessed in all things, always.