Monday, September 10, 2012


How long will peoples lies and deceptions stand? How long will they do so in God's name?
I thought that the drama would be over, moving thousands of miles away, to my paradise here in earth, and yet I still have to deal with the lies, that are now being launched at my aging parents, and watching as their own son's are siding up with those who are escalating the deception.
God I know Your word tells us to pray for those who spitefully use us. Yet I am at a place of unfamiliarity, especially within my family.
All I can do is ask for strength to withstand in this evil day, to turn the other cheek. Place a hedge if protection around my parents, and my nieces and nephews, the devil has no place, power or authority in their lives. And I bind the lying, deceptive and controlling spirits at play, and may the ones using Your Great Name and graces in vain, be brought to their knees in pure repentance for their lies and deceptions, for trying to cause division, and chaos at every turn. In the mighty name Of Jesus I proclaim  victory over the enemy, every chain is broken and the captives are set free!!!

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