Sunday, July 1, 2018

An Exciting New Release Blog Hop With Rita Barakat!

Hey y'all!
I am so excited to be with you today!

Today is the 
new product release of Rita Barakat's latest
stamp designs for Technique Junkies!

And I have been asked to be a guest designer for the new release blog hop hosted by the 
Rita Barakat Design Team.
What an honor it is to take part in this exciting event!

The hardest part, was choosing which design to use.
Rita is an incredible artist, and I just fell in love
with her Floral Mermaid & Jellyfish stamps!

I love the ocean as well, the beauty and mystery that lies within, well it can certainly spark the imagination
of any blessed to witness it.

So I decided to make a 6x6 card, featuring my favorite in this collection, the Floral Mermaid & Jellyfish. (okay, so I love them all these are the ones I chose to use 😉).

I used a selection of colored & watercolor pencils to color my mermaid. I love the turquoise & emerald shades together, so I chose these for the mermaid tail, adding dashes of pink & purple closer to her torso.

I also decided to use this same color combination to  color her hair, doing the whole "ombre" blending color to color in layers.

For the jellyfish, I decided I wanted a bit more transparency of color, so I used Faber-Castell Gelato's slightly diluted with water and applied with a small brush.

My final touches to the Mermaid and Jellyfish, was using a variety of glitters throughout the stamped images, because naturally mermaids and jellyfish shimmer, using a thin layer of 
Best Glue Ever by ScraPerfect applied with a brush.

Using my Cricut, I designed a layered cardstock seashell to serve as the background for the Mermaid. 
I added each layer of the shell using double sided tape & dimensional squares.

I also decided to use the word "Imagine" as the greeting, cut out from cardstock.

In finishing, I added my Mermaid, Jellyfish & word, along with adding a flat back pearl in her hand, as her treasure.

I also used a few Dew Drops from The Robin's Nest to add a bubble look to the corners of the card & to the Jellyfish tentacles.

A simple card, with loads of cheerful color, and delightful stamp designs!

Thanks so much for stopping by, please leave a comment below letting me know you visited, and for your chance to win a prize!

And don't forget to visit the 
FABULOUS Rita Barakat Design Teams blogs
and do the same with their new release project post's too!

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Details can be found at and will be announced on Friday the 6th on the blog at

And don't forget to visit the Technique Junkies to see their July New Releases as well!
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Until next time.....
Get Crafty!

Thursday, June 28, 2018

How To Create A Flea Market Inspired Vignette Part One

Hello there crafty folks!
Welcome to INSPIRE.

I have an absolutely new obsession.
How I NEVER really checked this, or the folks behind it out before, is way beyond me.

That obsession? Fixer Upper, 
with Chip & Joanna Gaines.

Have I been living in a cave?

Her farmhouse style, mixing vintage with elements of modern, BLOWS MY MIND!

So, in an effort to spruce up our homestead, just cosmetically of course, without emptying our pockets, I am finding thrifty ways to make some changes.

Ways to bring new style to old space.

First spot to work on, our entry way.

I have a mini dresser there, that was given to me, and a while back instead of replacing the drawer knobs, I altered the existing porcelain ones that were already on the drawers, using clay, rose silicon mold & paint to create a "vintage" look.

You can follow the following link for photo's and the full details on how I did this using products from Canvas Corp Brands.

So now I have decided to try my hand at a "flea market" style vignette, to add to the top of the dresser in the entry way.

 My first project, a galvanized can to hold greenery.

All I have is larger cans that once held beans or tomato sauce, so naturally this is my base.

In my stash, I had received an unopened package of corrugated card stock in a grab box, so I decided to use it for the "rippled" look so many home decor tins have these days.

First I measured and cut the cardstock, I glued it the can using wood glue, for extra strong hold. Once cured, I added clear gesso, followed by white gesso.

After the gesso had dried, I used a metallic silver paint, applied lightly with a brush, and for the final step, I added Finnabair Art Alchemy Metallic Wax in Brushed Iron, applying with my finger, randomly over the surface of the can, to give a "washed" looked to the surface.

Add a couple of silk greenery picks I had on hand, and I have the perfect first piece towards creating my flea market style vignette.

And the cost? NADA, as I had all these things on hand.

Thanks for stopping by today. Check back again soon, as I will be sharing this project in stages, trying to use from my current stash, to stretch dollars as I go along.

Until next time......
Get Creative!

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Returning To My First Creative Love

We all have one, that first creative spark
that absolutely thrilled us with the end results.

Mine, was working with canvas, Whether it was painting
or drawing, work with canvas has truly been my greatest
creative love.

Turn some music on to inspire me, and I am carried
away, leaving behind the troubles of yesterday, and transported 
to a place of peace & beauty.

That is where I was with my latest canvas work.
My favorite, peaceful vacation spot.
With waters in hues of turquoise, deep blue & pale green,
I reminencsed of the fresh salty air, and the sounds of the gentle waves.

Only one way to relive that moment in time......
A piece of canvas art.

With Faber-Castell Gelato's & Aqua Pencils, and a with little help from Jane Davenport's Inkredible Inks too, I did just that.

I love the blendability of the gelato's, and how well the aqua pencils worked for adding depth and detail.

Using the ink applies with a brush, just enhanced the depth of color.
I can not wait to use ALL of these products again soon.

So today, I challenge you, especially if your creativity is in a holding pattern
(as mine had been for far to long) return to that first creative love, maybe using products that were not available before, and watch your creative heart bloom again!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Until next time.....
Keep On Crafting!

*I was in no way endorsed by Faber-Castell or Jane Davenport/American Crafts.

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Finding Peace In Life After The Grief

Hello there.
It has been a couple of weeks since my last posting,
and a couple of weeks prior to that
since I have posted anything crafty.

The last part of April, until 2 weeks ago,
I had been caring for one of our fur babies that
had been diagnosed with cancer.

We weren't able to have children, and chronic illness
left us incapable of adopting.

Our fur babies are our children.

Our hearts are still grieving, as we had to make the heart wrenching decision to end our Emmett's suffering.

If there is any silver lining in this, he truly only suffered egregiously for 2 days, not eating or drinking, and unable to control the sickness.

Sadly this happened over the weekend,
but we wanted him to be in the comfort
of an office & staff he was familiar with 
since he was a pup, for the end.

We knew this was coming,
and had been made aware & prepared.

 On Monday, May 14 at 3:36pm,
we said our final goodbye to
our precious boy Emmett.

We were so blessed to raise him from a pup, 
and enjoyed 8 wonderful loving years
with this remarkable creature.

Not one day goes by that I do not
feel the weight of grief of not
having him here.

I am taking it day by day.

We live in the country, and have a beautiful
wooded lot, with a lovely single shade tree, that I can see from our kitchen window.

He has been laid to rest there.
Soon there will be beautiful wildflowers
and a guardian angel statue there too.

The morning after his passing, as I
looked upon "his place", a beautiful red cardinal, perched itself upon a stray single branch, just above Emmett.

I would like to think it is his spirit, still
watching over us, still being our "guardian" angel.
And I have seen that cardinal every day since.

Now my journey to find a sort of peace & comfort,
beyond the grief has begun.
Some day the pain will be less, but I will never forget
the love & companionship Emmett gave.

Love you forever,
Miss you forevermore
Our sweet boy.